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3 Noteworthy Benefits of Freight Shipment Consolidation

Your cargo is waiting to get dispatched; however, you have noticed that the freight quantity does not require a full truckload (FTL) service. Under such a situation, you either ship through less than truckload (LTL) or choose to wait until the cargo quantity gets sufficient to be transported as FTL. Both may not seem worth implementing when you have cost and time constraints. But fret not; it is possible for you to avail of another option with noticeable merits, which is shipment consolidation.

If you frequently ship consignments, the ultimate goal would be to reduce costs during the inventory transit. When you are keen on cutting down the expenses on shipping, shipment consolidation can bring savings. You can take advantage of this consolidation transport method that is also one of the most appropriate alternatives for minimising the costs incurred on shipping. Before we go deep into how it offers benefits, let’s briefly look into the meaning of freight consolidation. 

What is Freight Shipment Consolidation 

Freight shipment consolidation is essentially a method of shipping service that helps lower the costs of shipping while offering absolute security in transportation. Also referred to as cargo consolidation, consolidation service and assembly service, consolidated freight have lots of small shipments consolidated to accommodate a single vehicle and sent together to the delivery point. The consolidation shipping services not only help the shipper company but facilitate the retailer/distributor businesses also.

When you want to ship multiple products to one destination, during the same time, freight consolidation is the ideal choice. Rather than sending small shipments separately, the cargo gets consolidated and sent along with other freights in one single container. Even though the cost-savings is one of the most significant benefits of freight shipment consolidation, a shipper can avail of several other advantages. The consolidated cargo shipment combines several LTL freights from shippers for its movement in one full container. Let’s dive into some of the merits of freight consolidation.  

3 Significant Advantages of Consolidation in Logistics 

1. Cost Savings  

One of the most remarkable advantages of shipment consolidation is that you can combine your loads with other shippers and benefit from the significant reduction in the cost of shipping. If you are sending via less than truckload, you can certainly take advantage of cargo consolidation. Besides helping you curtail the shipping costs; consolidated cargo ensures efficiency in shipping and also security. When you combine your shipment with others, you can share the costs between other shippers with whom you send yours.   

You never need to pay extra for the unutilised space inside the vehicle; instead, you only need to pay for the space your cargo consumes. Also, your customers benefit from cargo transportation through shipment consolidation. When you combine shipments from different suppliers and send them to a consolidation warehouse, it is easy to ship the orders together to reach the destination. It further lets businesses fulfil more frequent, regular small orders and enhance the cash flow into the business. The shipment consolidation proves most advantageous for small and medium businesses that need to ship small orders regularly.   

2. Reduces Risks of Damage  

Even though shipments get monitored for their safety, loss of cargo is a common problem. Freight consolidation ensures that there are only fewer incidences of damage due to handling and hence ensure absolute security of goods in transit. Cargo consolidation does not necessitate frequent transfers during shipment in a single container towards the destination, unlike other services which involve handling.   

There will be fewer trucks which further reduces the chance of loss and, a reliable shipping service provider adds to the safety of transit goods. When there is less handling, there is another advantage also comes along. You can avert the chances of cargo getting lost during shipment. Further, when it travels one single truck rather than multiple carriers, you can avoid the risks of delayed delivery and any other interruptions during transportation. Therefore, when businesses rely on shipment consolidation, they can prevent delayed deliveries to an extent while ensuring safe transit of cargo from pickup to destination, regardless of the distance covered.   

3. Faster Delivery Times  

Since consolidation in logistics allows businesses to take advantage of fewer stop-offs, the delivery times are quicker as against other services. Rather than waiting for loads to ship it full truckload, freight consolidation avoids multiple halts as in the case of a less than truckload service. Since cargo consolidation, as discussed above, takes goods from various shippers to one destination and there will be typically a single stop off at the consolidation warehouse. There may not be any stop-offs, as some shipping companies provide services that help send freight directly to the final delivery point without a stop-off at the warehouse.

Under such instances, businesses can gain additional time savings in transporting frequent, small orders and earn seamless customer satisfaction. Further, it adds flexibility when it requires a sudden change in the order requests, in particular. As a shipper, if you avail of other services, any such changes can create fuss; on the other hand, shipment consolidation services operate with great flexibility so that it is easy to meet the customer orders without affecting the entire shipping process. Generally, for consolidated freight, it takes only about three days to ship cargo to the destination. However, it ranges from one week to ten days for LTL shipping. 

The Bottom Line  

The shipment consolidation brings many benefits such as cost and time savings and, therefore, helps optimisation of the supply chain flawlessly. As discussed, this type of shipment is appropriate for businesses that send small shipments regularly in one container rather than transporting them through multiple trucks. 

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