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2 September 2022
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3 Outstanding Ways to Reduce Freight Transport Dwell Time

Spending time unnecessarily in any activity is a sheer waste of money and resources. Therefore, on all matters, we carefully keep this in mind and strive to save time. However, it is not always possible and is applicable for freight transport services. Here we refer to dwell time which deals with the time truck drivers have to wait at warehouse facilities for loading and unloading cargo. A high dwell time implies that the freight costs would escalate, disrupts the delivery schedule, and eventually, the trustworthiness of carriers loses once freight companies fail to meet the delivery promise as per the shipping agreement. Furthermore, the cost of dwell time at the pickup gets added to the dwell time cost at the delivery location.

Hence, dwell time impacts the shipping operations, customer experience, the bottom line of businesses and the morale of freight transport companies. However, it’s not a dead end. There are several solutions to check dwell time. In this article, we shall deal with a few ways truck drivers can resolve the nagging problem of dwell time. First, we go through the term itself and then the solutions to keep dwell time at bay.

Dwell time, in simple terms, refers to the time truck drivers wait at a warehouse facility. We have already been aware that a high dwell time does no good for freight transport business and its customers. To contain this menace, shipping companies must start optimising load to check if the loading/unloading process gets implemented according to the schedule. Using data and real-time visibility helps a lot in minimising the dwell time in freight movement. It can predict the arrival times and make available the staff and other resources needed for loading/unloading trucks coming early/late. In this way, it prevents the challenges that arise due to overcrowding during a particular time. Once the warehouse process involving loading and unloading gets streamlined, truck dwell time gets reduced considerably. Here are some practical ways to minimise dwell time in cargo transportation.

1. Real-time Visibility

Technology assumes top significance in freight movement processes and reduces dwell time. Real-time visibility across transportation offers several benefits alongside reducing dwell times, unlike traditional means of information exchange used for receiving delivery updates. Implementing real-time visibility enables freight forwarding companies to obtain data regarding transport processes such as arrival/departure times at facilities, loading and unloading. It further measures carrier performance, and above all, it helps track dwell time and its fundamental causes. Often, the nature of products, criteria for transporting products, time of loading/unloading, the weight of the products, and complex loads all contribute to high dwell time. By analysing the data, carriers can identify the areas which require special attention to remove dwell time from the freight transport process. With sufficient data, decision-making becomes effortless and implementing remedies is a breeze regardless of the supply chain complexities.

2. Live Loads

Live loading/unloading plays a prominent role in providing immense opportunities for freight transport companies to optimise their operations. It is also one of the most economical means of pickup and delivery process; In live loads, carriers bring an empty container trailer to the loading area. It eliminates the dwell time substantially. With live load, the truck arrives with a trailer and leaves with it within a specified time. Live loading/unloading is advisable for perishable goods apart from its benefit of reducing dwell time. Customers never want to get their trailer to wait for hours while goods are loaded/unloaded. Therefore, in cases where the goods have a shorter shelf life, space shortage for drop and hook trucking, full container and shunting truck, and when there are no prime movers, freight companies can use live loading. Live loads help truck drivers to increase the number of pickups and deliveries while reducing idle time.

3. Drop and Hook Trailers

The drop and hook system is ideal for warehouses dealing with high volume picking and transportation. A drop-and-hook trucking system allows drivers to drop off the load at a warehouse facility and can leave the facility without unloading it. The truck driver then hooks another empty or loaded trailer; hence there is no delay in freight movement. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for the driver to wait for loads and thus reduces dwell time as well. It is suitable for high-volume cargo, offers cost savings, and makes fast deliveries. Since there is no waiting time, freight transport drivers can leave the facility as soon as they deliver loads, which implies that there is hardly any chance of longer waiting times or high lead time. Such a situation translates into faster delivery and increased revenue. With loaded trailers at their disposal, truck drivers can avoid high dwell time while helping to move freight fast, which benefits carriers and their customers.

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