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6 December 2021
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4 Exclusive Reasons for Ecommerce Delivery Parcel Tracking

We live in a world where on-demand service and instant gratification matter the most. One of the reasons for the surge in online shopping trends and eCommerce is that it satisfies both desires cited above. With every passing day, customer experience gains much significance. In the earlier days, the product or service was the only focus, but today the scenario is entirely different. The experience customers derive during purchases make a difference in retaining them and attracting new buyers.

Under such instances, eCommerce order delivery parcel tracking becomes more significant. An eCommerce order tracking allows monitoring of the online order deliveries and communicating the order status to customers in real-time. It encompasses the order tracking alongside their estimated delivery dates and the estimated time of arrival (ETA), updates on delays and the delivery status. All these directly relate to purchase experience and influence the bottom line of an eCommerce business regardless of the products sold.   

More than three-fourth of the customers are happy to pay for products from a company that provides an exceptional shopping experience. Also, over one-fifth of customers opine that they are likely to make repeat purchases from an online store that offers to track shipments. Therefore, helping customers access the status of the products in transit is considered one of the prerequisites for running an eCommerce store. Customers want to know if their order delivery is intact once they leave the checkout page. Delivery parcel tracking is the only solution that facilitates online stores to keep customers updated on the latest information about the order delivery status. Tracking API integration helps in disseminating this information in real-time to customers.    

Why does order delivery parcel tracking vital for eCommerce delivery?  

Now that you have already received a bird’s eye view regarding the explanations on tracking gains more importance in the conduct of online store business. Here we shall look into a few of the most convincing reasons for offering delivery parcel tracking

1. Shipment Transit Status  

With the help of a shipping tracking number, customers access the exact location of the products during their transit. When the products reach a warehouse or are in transit, delivery parcel tracking helps inform customers about the journey of the goods from pick up to the delivery location.

For example, if the shipment reaches the nearest warehouse, the customer can track the delivery time precisely. Similarly, customers can also monitor if the goods get held up there are document compliance issues due to wrong or missing information. Every aspect of order delivery gets tracked through the shipment status monitoring facility for all shipping, including standard shipping tracking.  

2. Cost Reduction:  

Intelligent tracking is in place; the WISMO (where is my order) calls reduce considerably. It implies that businesses need not incur expenses regarding customer queries or complaints. Automatic real-time delivery parcel tracking provides information regarding shipment progress within a few seconds.

Shipping integration automates the entire order delivery process reducing the burden of both customers and online store businesses. Further, online store owners can focus more on other significant functions such as sales and marketing. The savings in time and money give more resources and, it is easy to provide additional customer services. Besides, it promotes an outstanding customer experience which helps businesses fly. 

3. End to end visibility  

During every stage of the shipping process, almost all customers expect to keep tabs on the order delivery. Having an intelligent delivery parcel tracking system offers many benefits. With a single, simple solution, businesses can keep track of a range of activities. By providing real-time tracking service from origin to destination, an online store owner ensures complete transparency in the shipping operations.

Also, if they offer end-to-end visibility, they can remove any ambiguity regarding order delivery. It is also an assurance that everything is in order when the transit starts. In case there are any deviations, information is passed on to customers as and when it is happening.  

4. Easy Order Fulfilment  

We all know that fulfilment is not a simple process when hundreds and thousands of product dispatches happen in a single day. Without proper order tracking, no eCommerce business achieves control of the fulfilment process. Online store owners instantly address issues if an intuitive tracking system is in place without worrying about customer queries.

Earning new customers is a good sign but what matters is happy customers as they make repeat purchases and influence the bottom line. Offering delivery parcel tracking in real-time is a must for an eCommerce business to monitor the fulfilment process. Partnering with a shipping and logistics provider who can integrate tracking for the sake of customers is the need of the hour. It pays off, without a doubt!  

Ecommerce shipping from Ianis Cargo  

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