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4 Vital Safety Technologies for Trucking Companies

Trucking is crucial among all types of freight transportation in the European Union. Trucks deliver more than 70 per cent of the freight transported through land. Freight transportation through trucks is adaptable, and trucking companies provide cost-effective shipping for a wide variety of products. Trucking forms the most vital component of the EU logistics and transport network. Thus, ground transportation through roadways is critical to trade and commerce in the European Union, and one significant considerations in road freight transport is the safety factor. 

Indeed, safety in trucking industry is crucial, and there are many reasons- from drawing more drivers and retaining the existing ones and reducing costs and many more. During the pandemic, we have witnessed a shortage of qualified drivers and the subsequent hardships faced in the shipping industry. Even though such situations arise once in a while, the aftermath becomes double folded under such circumstances. But it is not a dead end. There are plenty of ways by which we can ensure truck and driver safety through safer trucking. In this article, we shall familiarise ourselves with a few solutions helping the trucking industry to move forward safely. 

From telematics-based fleet management systems to the Internet of Things (IoT), today trucking companies have access to more data, which further let them arrive at precise inferences. It also facilitates automation in the trucking industry and paves for more accuracy in predictions. As a result, it is easy to avoid any awful incidents while travelling through the road. Let us go straight to the trucking tech safety solutions. 

1. Augmented Reality (AR) 

Many well-established trucking companies use augmented reality (AR) to alleviate uncertainties in truck driving. It helps using a smartphone or a tablet and keeps updating the drivers with the data flow, allowing them to drive safely on the roads. Furthermore, it helps long-haul truck drivers to experience driving for relatively long periods on different road situations with the help of simulation. 

Undoubtedly, it facilitates drivers to reduce the incidence of errors that may cause fatality or injury. Letting drivers into an unsafe environment helps them get trained and respond to them in a totally “safer platform” would help them tackle these challenges in a real-life situation. The simulator lets drivers keep themselves aware of reacting positively to an unfamiliar situation that may occur in real-road conditions. It instils confidence in drivers and helps them drive more safely. 

2. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping commercial trucking companies to ensure safety to a great extent. AI and big data technology help the fleet supervisor to have a complete understanding of truck driver safety along with road conditions. Furthermore, such systems backed by AI can warn drivers about the possible dangers on the road. Today, there are plenty of advanced predictive tools to get insights into the alertness, drowsiness, smartphone use, smoking of drivers and more. 

With many reasons to get distracted, these technologies can easily predict and prevent any untoward incident through warnings and alerts. Therefore, with the help of AI-enabled trucking safety technologies such as Global Positioning System (GPS), deep learning and neural networks, fleet managers of trucking companies can effortlessly assess driver and road conditions in the blink of an eye, in real-time. Once the risk gets detected, the system sends warnings to the driver and thus help minimise accidents. Besides, fleet managers and truck drivers rely on AI for route optimisation, delivery safety considerations and enhancing the productivity of truck drivers. 

3. Trailer Tracking 

Trailer tracking technology helps locate trailers and facilitates better utilisation and management of the fleet. With GPS tracking and systems to keep tabs on the tractor-trailer status, it provides enhanced visibility while helping to access the location of trailers in real-time. Furthermore, it saves the time of truck drivers that if there are several yards and fleets, the drivers find it hard to locate trailers in the yards. It further impacts trucking companies and their freight shipping in the form of delays. 

Trailer tracking technology helps a truck driver to access trailer locations accurately. Hence it reduces the time wasted on searching for the trailers. It is highly beneficial for drivers also; because it enhances their productivity and, therefore, helps in improved earnings. Apart from enhanced driver productivity, the telematics tracking systems ensures regulatory compliance for freight, efficiency in trailer utilisation, preventive maintenance and many more. 

4. Driver Assistance Systems 

Driver assistance systems serve the purpose of adding more safety into trucking and transportation. It includes multi-purpose sensor cameras and radars for enhanced security, convenience and efficiency for commercial heavy freight vehicles. For example, in the case of radar sensors, it helps identify the position of people and objects, the direction in which they travel and their relative speed accurately. The trucking companies find it ideal under busy urban traffic conditions. 

Also, some radar sensor systems work in low visibility. It lets tracking of multiple objects during the same time. The use of advanced camera and support systems for freight transportation alongside video analytics technology instils safety in trucking. The in-camera machine and wireless sensor technology help drivers access information on parking availability from their devices. Driver assistance systems incorporate the safety aspect in trucking by accurate predictions and help reduce unnecessary losses and expenses due to collisions. 

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