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17 November 2020
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18 November 2020
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5 Effective Ways to Prevent Cargo Damage

Cargo safety is one of the biggest concerns for shipping companies. Ensuring every minute that products do not fall prey to damage during handling, loading, unloading and transit is quintessential for making customers contented, and also for earning other business benefits like saving costs, reducing time delays and so on. Here we have tried to provide you with some simple but effective ways to prevent damage to cargo during shipment. 

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A little care and attention during shipping goods from the part of shippers and shipping companies keep cargo damages at bay. Let’s check out a few key components that prevent the instances of cargo damage while enhancing its safety aspect too.  

1. ‘Packaging’ Makes Perfect 

The first and foremost thing to pay heed to is packaging. If packaging is proper, half of the job is done! Always make sure that you have the right packaging and filling materials. While using reused packages, do a thorough check if it is free of damages such as tears, dents, punctures or any holes or suffered any damage from water. Never forget to fill the extra space with the right filing material such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, crumpled paper and Styrofoam or any adequate material that prevents the movement of shipping contents inside the package. Once done, it is encouraged to use spill-resistant adhesive tape for proper sealing. If you need to know more about tips for packaging for fragile items find more information here.  

2. Adequate Labelling 

When packaging is over, it is time to focus on labelling. Without further explanation, we all know labeling is the face of a package, for it gives packages the identity. More importantly, it directly helps in eliminating damages too. Imagine a package with no label. Not knowing the nature of the material inside may cause handling issues. Shipping label helps carriers know about the contents, for instance, if it is to be handled with care, the details of recipient / buyer. If all this information is missing on label of if a label is not attached, the package will be subjected to extra-handling. Indeed, more handling implies more likely to incur damage during the shipment process.  

3. Go for Reliable Pallets 

Keep in mind that, if you want to see your goods arrive in one piece, use the correct pallet size that matches with your packages. It is definitely a no-no situation, where your package is overhanging or protrude from the sides of pallet. Use shrink wrap to keep the packages in better condition and for providing added protection. Cargo securement is fundamental during palletisation of goods. Heavy loads are to be secured with a strong strapping material to prevent damage. Proper wrapping and adequate tension assume much importance while securing goods on pallets. In addition to these, it is important to check the usability of those pallets at frequent intervals which are in constant use for a long time. 

If you are looking for strong and sturdy wooden pallets, Ianis Cargo offers you with pallets of all sizes that matches to fit your package size. Fulfill all your pallet and shipping needs at Ianis Cargo, the top-notch among the transportation logistics companies in Romania, where speed meets quality as the full-fledged digital shipping platform is backed by technology-optimised solutions. 

4. Choose Proper Containerisation Process 

Transporting through containers ensures movement of goods without the risks of damage. Effective containerisation involves use of adequate machinery where the goods are placed over a plate and once the container truck arrives, the machine is operated to move the entire goods to the container and the risks of damage are quite less. Facilitates easy handling, requires less manpower (requires only one person to operate the machine) it distributes load evenly on to the container without the chances of leaving empty space. The weight system provides the maximum weight allowed and thus avoids any instances of overloading. 

Ianis Cargo allows palletisation and containerisation of your cargo for ensuring proper shipping of your cargo. Facilitating fast movement of cargo with least disruptions, Ianis Cargo adorns the leading position among top-notch logistics service providers in Romania. Get your shipments booked through Ianis Cargo! 

5. Follow Good Stacking Practices 

One significant area to be improved in terms of preventing cargo damage is stacking of goods. Make sure that stacking should be done in such a way that lightest cargo gets placed over the heaviest ones. Indeed, the weight must be distributed evenly and also, keep in mind that the height of the pallets should be uniform after placing the entire cargo, one on top of the other. Do not stack the cargo too high as it will increase the chances of shifting and falling during transportation and may result in cargo damage. Always use support such as cushions to prevent the damage from swings. Also, secure cargo using dunnage to keep the gaps filled. 

Final Thoughts 

Cargo damage can be easily avoided, if we properly prevent the loopholes. At Ianis Cargo, cargo safety is given utmost consideration, for delivering good in one piece is as important as delivering goods on time! That’s why Ianis Cargo express transport service is reckoned with the cargo, courier and shipping service in Romania.  

Send us your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box. Our shipping and logistics experts are standing by to help you!

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