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23 October 2020
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5 Tips on Packing Fragile Items for Shipping

At Ianis Cargo, the shipment for your fragile goods remains safe right from the pick up until it reaches its final destination. Irrespective of the fact that you are availing our personal services or you are a business customer, we deliver your shipment the very same way, giving full attention towards safe delivery of the goods labelled as ‘package fragile’ items. You can negotiate the prices, connect with our API and manage all deliveries right from your place from a single dashboard for all domestic and international shipments.

To make mailing fragile items painless, there are some criteria. In the first place, you have to choose the right type of service that suits your needs. For instance, you can choose standard shipping, van delivery, pallet shipping, personal belongings shipping and so on. In case you are looking for affordable shipping for non-time critical deliveries, it is always wise to adopt standard shipping. Also, it is the right choice for occasional shippers as they can make the most of low shipping rates. It is also ideal for eCommerce as they ship multiple packages very  regularly. Hence, depending on your needs and the speed with which the goods are to be sent, you can choose accordingly.

Oftentimes, there are many instances where we need to ship fragile and breakable items. When you sell online fragile items, buy fragile items abroad or in cases where you need to send fragile objects as a gift for your loved ones. No matter the purpose, you need to book the services of the shipping company for the  safe and secure shipment of wares to your clients and dear ones at their doorstep.

What needs to be taken care of while shipping fragile items?

It goes without saying that no shipper wants to get their fragile items delivered broken. Proper packing protects fragile items while shipping. If you have multiple items to send, it is recommended that you wrap each item individually in soft material. In most cases, bubble wrap would be ideal. Make sure that you fill the spaces inside of a glass or vase with crumpled paper before it gets wrapped with bubble wrap. Because the crumpled paper inside would absorb most of the shock and help the glass get delivered in one piece at the recipient’s doorstep.

During the shipment of breakable objects on pallets, great care should be taken to see if they are properly packed. To ensure breakable products are shipped safely to the destination, follow these simple steps. Packing assumes a great role in eliminating all odds of breakage, we shall list the requirements one by one below. This will help you ship fragile and breakable items like glassware, vases, ceramics, glass painting and any other similar delicate items that tend to break owing to the chances of shock and vibration during transit by truck or van.

  • It is encouraged to provide additional shock absorbent material like crumpled paper inside the box to prevent the fragile items from moving inside which otherwise could possibly damage the goods. Insert the crumpled paper to the bottom, sides and tops of the box to fill the spaces inside.
  • For added protection, insert the goods in a small box and get it padded with a bigger box covered with polystyrene sheets to absorb the shock during any shipment process.  Make sure that the fragile items inside are immovable. It is advised to write in a card the ‘to’ and ‘from’ address inside in case if the outside label gets damaged during transit it would help. Once confirmed close and seal the box with adhesive tape as the box needs to be reinforced from outside too. Never use string or ribbon tape for sealing the box.
  • After sealing, attach the shipping labels on the flat top of the box. It would be ideal if you provide warning labels such as, ‘Handle with Care’ or ‘Do not Stack’ or ‘Fragile items’ on the box, so that during shipment it would be carefully handled right from collection center to final destination. Having said that, if the courier service is not providing fragile items’ shipment, you cannot make them obliged to adhere to it. Also, while shipping oddly or irregularly shaped items, you can either insert more packing materials like crumpled paper or an additional box to keep the box in perfect shape.
  • It is also wise to keep the package as strong as possible by securing the delicate items with a crate that is made with wood, plywood sheets. They are boxes specially designed for fragile shipping. Crates made of metals such as aluminum and steel are also available. Crates made for specific products can be reused for many shipments.
  • Always make sure that you have chosen the right packing materials in the first place. It is recommended to use cardboard boxes in different sizes that are solid and undamaged, in cases where you are using old boxes, particularly.  It is ideal to use corrugated cardboard boxes. You can buy cardboard boxes from department stores and supermarkets. Use soft cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, crumpled paper, packing peanuts, and polystyrene. This would help reinforce the box from inside and outside making your fragile shipment smooth and safely.

Regardless of the shape and size of the fragile objects to be shipped, you have to wrap it inside the bubble wrap and seal it with adhesive tape. Conceal it fully as if it looks like a cocoon so that any of the sides of the object is not projecting through the bubble wrap as you move your hands through it. It is always good to use a slightly bigger box than the shipping object. Add packing peanuts to provide utmost protection and put the ‘to’ and ‘from’ card inside the box, seal it with adhesive tape and finally attach the label on to the top side of the box. Your package with fragile goods is ready for shipment.

Final Thoughts

Before you prepare for the shipment of delicate, breakable and fragile objects, follow the above instructions to make them reach in one-piece at the destination. Shipment is subjected to many shocks especially when transported by trucks and rail cars. However, the right packing material can absorb nearly all possible shocks and prevent fragile goods from getting damaged during transit.

If you have a package to send across a pan European region, hesitate not to fulfill it by opening a booking with Ianis Cargo, the leading courier and logistics providers in Romania.  Click here to start your booking and get instant quotes for any route for courier deliveries in Romania. We handle high volume shipments and hence you get the lowest prices for your shipment, every time! Get door-to-delivery services and track the latest shipment status. If you find this article useful, send us your comments below. Add any additional, necessary suggestions which you think our readers should know!

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