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28 October 2020
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Groupage- Is it Worth Trying

Groupage shipping, also known as LCL (less than container load) shipping or shared shipping where small shipments are combined together in a single shipping container for safe transit towards their final destination. In fact, Groupage service is available when the shipper wants to send small items that are not enough for dedicated shipment (full truck load otherwise known as FTL services) in one single truck. For instance, in cases where personal belongings are shipped while relocating to another country or students shipping their books and documents during study abroad and so on. You might have already used groupage or shared shipping services from logistics service providers in Romania. Under all these circumstances, the items to be sent do not make up a full shipping container and when no shipper wants to pay for the extra vacant space, it is always wise to use groupage shipping service where a lot of small freight gets consolidated and bundled towards a particular location.

At Ianis Cargo, the top freight and logistics services in Romania, we offer shared shipping services for your personal belongings and baggage that won’t make it to the FTL service. What makes Ianis Cargo stand apart from other common freight and logistics service providers is its many decades of experience combined with the use of state-of the-art technology where every single information about the shipment can be assessed right at your fingertips, no matter the type and routes used. Visibility at all levels of transportation is the hallmark of Ianis Cargo freight aggregator and courier services. You can book trucks online, get the lowest rates instantly on your shipment at Ianis Cargo, the top transportation logistics companies in Romania. Regardless of the individual packages received from other customers that make up the groupage service, each item is safe with Ianis Cargo right from the place of dispatch until the end of the journey at the specified destination for each shipment. We care for your goods and are concerned about offering cheap but quality cargo movement services with utmost reliability in terms of time and safety of your goods-in-transit, irrespective of the mode of transport- multi mode transportation-ocean, air or road. More often than not, it helps great savings in cost which we shall discuss under the benefits of groupage shipping. 

Let’s break down a few of the merits groupage shipping brings in for you. Get a live price quotation by typing your route and freight weight only. You will be returned back with the right quotes in real time without any delay.

Low Cost Shipping

As the name denotes, for shared shipping there would be many number of shippers who wish to send merchandise of small quantities. When you have a different number of consignments from multiple shippers to make a LCL shipment, the most important benefit would be spreading of costs. While grouping many shippers’ goods that take the same route, the price is shared between different shippers during shared shipping, preventing one shipper from bearing the cost solely. The main advantage of using groupage service is that it is economically viable. Above all, when you are using a groupage service, you get the chance to avail the service of an established shipping service provider who is regularly implementing shipments across the world and knows the vagaries and complexities of global logistics.

Handles Complex Shipping Process

Consolidated freight is all about providing absolute control over production schedules for manufacturers as it helps manage the distribution chain through their logistics partners. They get the information in real-time in terms of what’s happening with the shipment between the beginning and end of the transit journey at the destination on the due date. More control over shipment implies that there are less chances of goods being lost or diverted to the wrong location. In addition to this, during freight consolidation or groupage shipment, it is easy to carry out quality control at warehouses that are in proximity to the retailers’ location which further reduces the time consumed for fulfillment of orders. Groupage shipment provides full control on the transit of merchandise from one place to another with absolute discipline and focuses on convenience, safety and accuracy.

Reduced Risks

It is an undeniable fact that shipment is associated with risks, no matter if it’s LTL or LCL as it involves highly complex processes. Albeit, it’s not the end of the road that you keep worrying about the transit of goods until it arrives at the end user’s location. No, you never need to fret about it once you have handed over the responsibility to top logistics partners who have experience in fulfilling freight shipping successfully. When you avail groupage service, it does imply that there are only few trucks and the chances of getting involved in mishaps are very low. Besides, if you have handed over the job of transporting goods with an experienced logistics provider, it is safe in their hands and you are assured that it will arrive at the destination on the due date at the specified time. In fact, it is evident that the odds are smaller for mishandling during shipment. If you ask a question to us, if groupage service is to be availed or not, the answer is always in the affirmative and once we unveil its advantages you don’t give a second thought whenever you have small consignments to be sent.

Provides Customer Satisfaction

In the end, for a business, regardless of its size, type and nature, aims at winning happy customers every second. Creating content customers help maintain long lasting relationships with them as they would love to come back again. If you cannot fulfill the demands, in the long run you will be missing each of them one by one in the wink of an eye. And this would be the last thing every business wants! However, with consolidation of cargo, shipment services  can deliver goods to customers quite fast and efficiently. Businesses can send inventory to the consolidation facility so that before an order comes, the logistics company gets prepared for the delivery rather than having to pick up goods from shippers’ location. This certainly avoids the last minute rush and invariably keeps businesses’ customers happy.

Irrespective of the fact that you are looking for transportation of goods by road, rail or air, rely on Ianis Cargo, the topnotch courier and shipping services in Romania. We keep your goods moving through the right channels where safety, reasonable pricing and timely delivery of goods are 100 percent guaranteed and the ever evolving technology aids us to make everything possible!

Let us know if you have any questions by posting it in the comment section below. Happy freight forwarding with Ianis Cargo.

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