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2 February 2021
2 February 2021
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Automotive Industry

Case Study 1

Streamlining Global Supply Chain Solutions

A prominent car manufacturer in Europe insisted for affordable supply chain solutions for its assembly components. The challenges they faced were in terms of for a steady and cost-effective remedy for delivery solution for flawless production.

We were asked to provide the components from various suppliers in different countries in Europe. The supply chain of our customer spanned across almost all countries in the European Union. We had to find the most dependable means of transport with little cost burden that ensured a continuous supply chain to keep the assembling and production process unbroken.

The Ianis Solution

After intensive review and discussions, we have arrived at a remedy to meet our customer’s specific needs. In the first place, we have worked on ensuring supply of components at their factory gate from various suppliers in different locations in Europe coupled with prioritised early delivery options alongside early bookings to make components delivery intact, in accordance requirements based on the components used up. Also, used a weight-based rates with local pick and delivery for savings on shipping costs. that included volumetric weight Additionally, done regular reviews to follow up to check if it’s working perfectly and for improving efficiency.


There was a great reduction in costs incurred along with the needs for holding reserve stock. Supply chain visibility ensured, shipping and delivery on time with early bookings based on demand predictions resulted in high Delivered In Full, On Time (DIFOT) rate.

Case Study 2

Optimising existing storage and warehouse system

The Scenario

A major car manufacturer in France has opened manufacturing units in another European country in four different cities. The challenge was to create and maintain a cost-effective model with improved service without having to provide for additional investments in existing infrastructure, storage and warehouse solutions.

The Plan of Action

The course of action was to use our expert knowledge along with getting insights about the experience of other manufacturers in automotive industry within this country for optimising our customer’s business processes and ensuring cost-savings too.

The Solution

We have studied the situation and decided to take over the warehouse and distribution services. Once these activities had been taken over, Ianis Cargo was successful in streamlining the warehouse operations just like the way our customer wanted us to do. Also, when warehouse workflow became very organised, it automatically improved storage space utilisation and evidently, resulted in reduction in expenses incurred in terms of rent. Apart from this, we were able to optmise the number of trucks required for hourly deliveries to the manufacturing units and also minimised the labourforce required for handling materials.

The Result

We have optimised the warehouse operations and provided additional benefits in the form of savings in costs, too while maintaining the same facilities.

Case Study 3

Improving logistics in Automotive Supply Network

The Scenario

The UK based international automotive component supplier company faced supply chain disruptions, visibility issues and wanted to improve business operations with its automotive customers in neighbouring countries in the EU. The company required a reliable logistics service provider that can meet inbound shipping needs to ensure continuous production.

The Challenges

The customer encountered issues as the logistics solutions they have relied on weren’t able to meet the requests under any circumstance. The company was looking for a shipping service provider that can manage the supply chain and enhance performance of carriers provide end-to-end visibility.

The Solutions

We had provided the company with all details with respect to the received orders along with its status, scheduled pick up, expected delivery along with the actual ones. All the minute details for all shipments made had been accounted, from the start of the journey, mile by mile, until the materials dispatched reached the destination. Our end-to-end tracking facility took control of the status of goods-in-transit, it helped all customers and partners to keep track of the materials. Also, through warehouse and storage automation, we had helped them to keep track of inventory and offered absolute guarantee on delivery of automotive components as per the schedule. During times of increased demand, the customer relied on our scalable warehousing solutions.

The Results

Provided end-to end visibility, real time tracking and tracing of shipments from diverse suppliers and scalable warehousing solutions met increased demands in production.

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