Freight Firms Fight Back Post-Brexit Trade Deal
19 March 2021
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19 March 2021
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After Two Months of Brexit: The UK Government’s and Manufacturers’ Take on Post Brexit Scenario

A couple of months after Britain’s historic exit from European Union, businesses bear the brunt, the most. Those hey days are over when Britain made this crucial decision affecting all facets of its economy. For freight businesses it has led to face unprecedented delays, time-consuming checks and red-tapism. More importantly, those operators deal with perishable and pharmaceutical goods suffer the most. Recently, Scottish fishermen have made their discontent on the inability to sell their catch due to the red-tape causing delay in freight movement post Brexit. The Make UK representing the manufactures in says that more than half of the manufacturing companies are facing profound disruption ever since the dawn of 2021. 

The UK Government’s and manufacturers’ perspective on post Brexit dilemma 

But the UK government tries to play down the ill effects of its exit from European Union. The government shunned the uproar by declaring that these are ‘teething problems’ but on the other hand, businesses are paying the price. Even though, everything seems getting back to track slowly, many issues have to be sorted out before it gets back to normal. Most manufactures in UK are force to stop shipping to the European Union and to Northern Ireland, the latter even though being part of UK shares a border with EU member country, Ireland; making trade with Northern Ireland also almost possible. 

Manufacturers in UK say the stories of businesses they have lost overnight. Even a slight decline can hurt the business and affect the long-term benefits. They look helpless and opines that albeit they account for this unpredictability factor, it is one of most severe issues they face right now for which they can do nothing. 

A year ago, Britain left the EU when both the Parliament of UK and European Parliament has given the consent to the agreement for Britain’s exit from EU, ending more than four and a half decades of membership. The post Brexit EU-UK agreement implies that good can be moved freely without tariff (in some cases), but at the cost of additional paperwork and other hindrances. 

Awaiting a hassle-free-trade-tomorrow  

The UK government cites that supermarkets no longer face shortage of food, probably because of Covid-19 pandemic scenario and stockpiling for fear of shipping delays expected, amid the post Brexit. The government also says there are serious traffic jams at English Channel ports and expects that a worst case of tailbacks is highly unlikely now. Traffic is flowing as smooth as ever as there is only less than five percent of trucks go back for not fulfilling the paperwork requirements. But companies stress that many of them stay away, looking forward positive for turnaround of things in not-too-distant future. 

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