Same Day Logistics

Time-sensitive shipment? By using our Same Day Logistics services, you get complete assurance on goods delivery at their destinations within shortest possible time!
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Need to meet an urgent deadline?

Same Day Service just like the way you wanted. We have got your needs covered!

We are steadfast in meeting your same day delivery needs every time, day or night, anywhere in Europe and around the globe! No matter which part of the world you are in, we can meet same day services in 24 hours.

Our same day service provides absolute reliability that it ensures your shipment arrive at their intended destination as per the schedule. Leave your concerns of delivery within 24 hours to us, we are here to help you out!

So, whenever you have time-critical freight that’s waiting to be delivered to its destination by a trusted logistics partner, we help your fast shipment needs fulfilled safely, before deadline without fail!

Reliable same day logistics asap delivery ensuring shipments reaching their destination as per schedule.

Time Bound Service
Assured delivery of goods on the same day of shipment to keep your business running and meet your customer expectations
Fast and Reliable
Takes your time-critical package to the delivery destination, safely before scheduled time
Accurate tracking
Intuitive tracking helps you access to keep track of our delivery vehicle and your goods right from origin to destination
Instant Proof of Delivery
Know the status of delivery, get notified immediately upon receipt of goods
Direct Delivery
No halts in between to prevent loss of time in transit and assure goods are taken to their respective destinations before deadline

Logistics at the speed of now!


Same Day Logistics Service

Dedicated Logistics that guarantees speed, safety and reliability which is driven by our desire to earn high customer satisfaction.

Give us your time-sensitive shipments to keep you delighted all through our journey. Every day, at Ianis Cargo, we focus on how we could improve our customer expectations to help reduce your lead time while providing savings on overall costs.

We, as your trusted delivery partner continues to assure you in providing superior customer service under challenging circumstances. Regardless of the fact that if you require your business to keep running or to stay ahead of the increasing expectations of your customers, we have the right solution at your disposal.

Our reliance on state-of-the-art technology, real-time tracking facility, experienced and efficient delivery staff, 24x7 customer service support help solve your biggest challenges in delivery.

Tailor-made Same Day Logistics

Ianis Cargo offers end-to-end solutions to streamline your same day logistics requirements. We help you solve your most intricate delivery challenges as we understand that not all logistics delivery solutions operate the same way. We provide you with the most suitable tailor-made solutions for accessing increased business opportunities through fast fulfilment of shipment transportation with least disruptions while helping you enhance the brand reputation you have built over a period of time.

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