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24 November 2020
Express transport services with same day shipping
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26 November 2020
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3 Exclusive Tips for Freight Shipping During Winter

Express transport services with same day shipping

Express transport services with same day shipping

Seasons do change. Now winter is here! And winter weather, it is mostly debilitating, not just for us, but also for freight transportation businesses too!  We do all things we need to protect ourselves from the atrocious weather. So is the case every time with freight shipping during winter. It is imperative on the part of freight shippers to continue services, no matter how harsh the weather situation would be. During wintertime, the chances of delays in shipping are highly likely and safe transit of cargos will be at stake, often. But with adequate precautionary measures, the occurrence of these unpleasant incidents can be avoided.   

Regardless of how hard the weather seems, you have got 100 percent assurance in safety and delivery of goods when you ship with Romania’s most reliable express transportation service. The fully automated platform helps shippers keep track of the whole shipping processes from one single dashboard. From Ianis Cargo’s digital platform, you receive instant quotes upon sending your enquiry. Among the transportation logistics companies in Romania, Ianis Cargo holds an elite position, for the reason that it sticks to providing high-quality service for all types of shippers. Ianis Cargo works to keep a check on common freight problems anticipated and offers its customers with the right shipping solutions irrespective of the seasons, which makes it to the top freight and logistics services in Romania

Tackling winter weather atrocities during shipping 

Even if winter weather keeps interfering with shipping, there are many ways to keep the process ongoing without disruption. Clearly, the onus lies with the shipping company as they have to do a thorough check on many factors right from the start of the shipment, to offering the services of a right carrier with the right delivery staff. Nevertheless, shippers also have to play their part by making shipment in advance prior to the start of winter and holiday season along with many other considerations. To a great extent, if these things can be monitored completely, a lot of issues associated with shipping during winter weather can be successfully controlled. Here is a list of surefire solutions that makes shipping companies wade through the tough winter season.  

1. Plan in advance 

Keep in mind that it won’t always be a smooth sail, but that doesn’t mean the shipping will be put to a screeching halt. Winter is not just about the icy cold routes and snow-covered roads. It also resonates with holidays and accounts for holiday traffic resulting in shipping delays. Wintertime, being a holiday season too, it is characterized by high volume shipments where service restrictions are also expected. Hence, delays are part and parcel of winter-come-holiday shipping. When shipping companies do their utmost to carry out their functions as usual, shippers can help them by planning freight movement prior to the start of the season. Also relying on a carrier service that can offer complete tracking status in real time, who offers communication service and continuous customer support would help. Opting for expedite delivery service is another solution, which helps both shippers as well as the carrier company. Preparing for freight movement prior to the start of winter help it reach early and thus eliminates the likelihood of delays and more importantly, would never impact shippers’ customer operations.  

2. Know your Shipment 

One of the prime considerations in winter freight shipment is understanding the nature of items that are to be shipped. Knowing how it is affected by cold weather carries great significance. For instance, perishable foods, certain chemicals, electronics goods, liquids and so forth, by their nature are prone to damage due to freezing. However, it can be solved through proper, thoughtful actions and careful planning. If the items you ship comes under any of these categories mentioned, either you have to opt for a temperature-controlled truck for its safe transportation with little chances for freezing or postpone the shipment until the winter gets subsided. Nine out of ten times, the second option would be hardly possible. Hence, if you cannot afford to wait, it is recommended to use temperature-controlled truck’s service as long as care for your goods is top priority. Notify the shipping company about the requirement and they will arrange for heated trucking solutions, because it’s worth every penny you spend! 

3. Rely on freight shipping service with proven track record 

You just cannot ignore the importance of working with a freight partner who know the nuances of freight shipping during hard weather, particularly during winter. Half of your worries gets addressed if you prepare shipment through a freight shipping company with vast industry knowledge and years of experience in shipping. Such service helps you a lot to keep the freight moving without disruption, without breaking your bank. Top of all, it extends other supports such as offering advice for shippers on proper insulation techniques, or any methods that seems safe for upkeep of goods during the tough times of transit. No services other than one with a dedicated, experienced and friendly staff can help you in freight movement, for a wide variety of products that require special care during transit in winter seasons. Even if something unexpected is in the offing, such freight service can tackle it with their experienced, knowledgeable staff to fulfill delivery schedules as specified.  


If you think winter shipping is hard, fret not there are many ways to keep your freight moving. Indeed, you can make arrangements prior to the start of the season, for you expect the inherent delay. Understanding the nature of goods, knowing how it gets affected by frozen weather and opting for well-equipped truck/s that is/are designed to meet your requirements to prevent damage would help a lot. An experienced freight transportation company with great knowledge and vast experience can help you in fulfilling all winter freight shipping needs.  

Freight Shipping at Ianis Cargo 

Book your shipment through Ianis Cargo, the leading logistics service providers in Romania where you can keep your trust in the service of the experienced staff, who are behind the wheel as well as at the office offering 24×7 support possessing a wealth of industry knowledge. Enjoy instant response on price quotes, lowest ever shipping rates, real-time tracking status from origin to destination, cargo insurance for goods, 24×7 customer support, electronic proof of delivery within 24 hours of dispatch of goods and many more from the most trustworthy courier and shipping services in Romania

Help our logistics experts find solutions to the shipping dilemmas you face. Share it right below in the comment box. 

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