Express transport services with same day shipping
3 Exclusive Tips for Freight Shipping During Winter
25 November 2020
Express transport services with same day shipping
4 Reasons You Should Rely on Express Freight Transport
27 November 2020
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Discover 3 Great Facts About Express Transport

Express transport services with same day shipping

Express transport services with same day shipping

Express transport is a means of fast delivery that has become prime consideration in transportation of goods. When goods are to be dispatched at the earliest, expedited shipping comes to your help! Research say that shippers always want to get their goods dispatched as early as possible because majority of their customers want to have their orders fulfilled as fast as possible. In fact, it is quite relieving for shippers and their customers that the challenges in regard to time are a matter of the past, as today transportation and carrier companies are hell-bent on meeting the needs of both by offering expedited shipping at competitive rates as opposed to express transport service.

Should you express transport or baffled by choices?

Should you express transport or baffled by choices?
If you are looking for express transport, Less-than-Truckload (LTL)/groupage and Full truckload (FTL), hesitate not to make an enquiry for freight quotes on the fully automated shipping platform for reliable and fast transportation offered by Romania’s leading shipping company- Ianis Cargo. Absence of middlemen and hidden costs, accurate rates are the hallmarks of Ianis Cargo reliable express transportation service. Offers a wide range of customer-centric service such as real time tracking and customer support, Ianis Cargo reliable express transport service occupies a great position among the top freight and logistics services in Romania.

Send your enquiry and receive freight rates instantly from our digital platform for express transport or LTL or FTL or any types of shipping you prefer. It’s not just a shipping company that’s only equipped with fleet of most-appropriate vehicles to handle your goods transportation, but also boasts a team of enthusiastic, skilled workforce having great industry-knowledge engaged in coordinating their efforts to fulfill customised solutions for clients through careful planning of shipment right from the get-go until the journey ends at the delivery destination. The reliability, expediteness and eventually, the satisfied customers make Ianis Cargo the most sought-after shipping carrier among the transportation logistics companies in Romania.

Express Transport Explained

Now, let’s explore more on Express transport to get a clear understanding of the term and its functions.

a. Express shipping as mentioned above, is a type of service that guarantees the shipping of goods at a very faster pace than the time taken for transportation under standard shipping service.

b. In express shipping, trucks heading towards delivery location hardly stops between origin and destination.

c. Usually, the transportation companies engaged in the service of express shipment use one single truck for moving freight and employs a couple of drivers to work in shifts to fulfill the expedited delivery promise.

Speedy Service

As you have got a brief idea about express shipping, we shall move on to its general features. Standard shipping takes about five days while delivery of goods can be within the same day or next day of placing order, in the case of express shipping. So express shipping is an arrangement where goods arrive at the delivery destination before 5 days after placing the order.

What needs to be considered?

Still confused? Couldn’t arrive at a decision whether or not to opt for express shipping? Don’t worry, we shall help you! So, if you cannot make up your mind, consider the following before you decide to choose between express and standard service. More often than not, the uncertainty always arises between express or standard taking into consideration the cost part, but certain factors assume great significance and hence the choice should be made after thorough contemplation.

1. Costs

As we can infer from the nature of the services, express shipment costs more than standard shipping. However, finding the right service provider would be the key. There are many shipping carriers who can offer you services at cost-effective rates without compromising the quality of transport. Therefore, finding the service provider who can match with the business specific-requirements in accordance with the budget helps shippers a lot in arriving at the right decision while choosing express goods transport services.

2. FTL or LTL Services

Before you decide to go on with express shipment, check whether the items to be shipped require LTL service or FTL freight movement. Verify if it is qualified for one dedicated shipment or suitable for freight consolidation. If the items make it to LTL, evidently costs also would be lower when compared to FTL service where a single truck is used for transit.

3. Real-time Tracking Status

Always make sure that the shipping company lets you track the status of items shipped in real-time. Companies with proven track record offer complete transparency and would help their customers/shippers know what is happening in real-time during the transit of goods; help them to have complete access of goods on the way to its final delivery destination.

Other factors, include benefits in the form of cargo insurance, 24×7 customer support and expert advice and so on. Consider all of the above factors in the first place to arrive at the right decision. If you require shipment to be delivered within a specific time limit, then it would be the apt choice. Irrespective of the size of the cargo, be it small or large, all kinds of goods are eligible for express shipping.

Why should you choose express transport service?

Before you start, it is advised to have a clear understanding of standard vs express shipping. In fact, it lets you select between the three shipping modes based on the transit times and knowing what is beneficial after taking into account your needs hold great significance. Express shipping is most commonly used by business owners who deal with small and medium sized products. Also, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical and eCommerce industries benefit from express shipping service as they need to move their goods at a very fast pace.

Final Words

Modern day customers require their products to be shipped at the earliest and sellers need solutions at the speed of now. Making your products reach customers at the wink of an eye is a daunting task. Hence, trustworthy logistics service providers in Romania like Ianis Cargo knows how to make the difference. Being backed by experienced personnel and steadfast technology, Ianis cargo makes it to the most reliable shipping and courier services in Romania through prompt delivery at your customers’ doorstep, on time!

Give us your enquiry and receive instant, real-time, ever-lowest freight rates. Keep posting your comments, queries and suggestions.

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