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3 Useful Tips for Reducing Costs on Heavy Freight Transport

As we all know, freight gets classified based on its density, and the more density, the rates become higher. In freight transport, shippers of heavy and oversized goods such as equipment and machinery incur severe costs for their transportation. However, that does not necessarily mean receiving low rates on freight shipping is impossible. Keeping freight costs to the minimum requires shippers to consider a few factors, which we shall discuss below. Let’s glance at these quintessential factors that help shippers enjoy low-cost transportation on their heavy and bulky freight.

In the first place, if you want to move heavy loads, you need to have a clear idea about the factors that increase costs. Several aspects decide the estimated rates for moving freight. In the first place, the size of the load, then packing requirements, and manual labour for handling and moving goods toward the destination. Also, the use of equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and cranes for loading and unloading the freight influence the cost of freight transport. Apart from these, the distance is another crucial aspect that impacts the final freight charges. Also, if a shipper needs additional services, it can increase the costs. When a haulage client better understands the factors that raise the cost of transportation, it is possible to control these aspects and thereby keep the freight rates to the minimum.

1. Reduce the Size and Weight of the Shipment

Wherever possible, try to reduce the volumetric weight of freight to keep the cost of transportation at the lowest. The heavier the loads, the costs will be high and vice versa. For this purpose, haulage clients can pay attention to the cost-cutting packing methods. Even shippers can disassemble heavy machinery and equipment and transport them in several loads rather than one piece to keep the haulage charges down. If you are new to heavy freight shipping, you would probably wonder whether it can provide cost savings. But, this is one of the most rewarding ways to keep the transport costs under control. Shipments that fall into heavy and bulky loads need to comply with several requirements depending on the rules followed in the destination country.

Therefore, a clear understanding of the stipulations before moving with the heavy freight keeps things upright. However, if you avail of the services of expert freight transport, you can take cues from them for making the size and shape more convenient for allowing low-cost transportation of heavy freight. Usually, splitting loads and completing freight delivery in multiple trips is the easiest way to reduce cost. Therefore, wherever possible, shippers should try to reduce the size and weight of the shipment. For example, if a person needs to move heavy equipment, disassembling the pieces and transporting them together provides maximum cost-efficiency. For this, shippers should heed the factors such as size, shape and weight of the freight to make these pieces best fit the space inside a vehicle.

2. Use Load Planning Software

Load planning in freight transport refers to the cargo consolidation to improve the truck capacity (payload capacity) to deliver multiple shipments using only a few carriers. The very purpose of load planning is to reduce the number of vehicles on roads to reduce transportation costs by focusing on efficiency in operations. However, it is easier said than done. Load planning seeks considerations in the areas such as the delivery locations, product type, centre of gravity, refrigeration capacities of the trailer and so forth. By maximising the truck capacity and the driver, load planning software tools facilitate freight matching as per their type, size, delivery location and payload capacity.

The software identifies packages and provides optimal space utilisation after considering the influential factors. Keeping the freight inside a trailer is easy with the help of load planning software as it requires only the details on dimensions, weights and the number of items. Also, there are some other considerations, for instance, in cases where the freight gets palletised, if it is possible to stack an item over another or rotate it in 90-degree rotation. With the help of the details given, the load planning tool generates a loading plan that best utilises the space inside a truck alongside accurate weight distribution. Haulage clients do not fret; you can partner with a carrier service that uses a fully automated freight transport platform and implements it on your behalf.

3. Work with a Freight Forwarder

If you can work with a specialist freight forwarding service for small and medium-sized shippers, you can negotiate the costs. Such a freight forwarder can manage freight costs from transporting several loads from many shippers and making long-lasting relationships with carriers help in receiving reasonable rates. Also, a freight transport service takes care of the packaging part of the heavy goods transportation. Indeed, the packing and stacking of heavy freight inside a transport vehicle influences the payload capacity. Say, for example, when using crates that are non-stackable, the height of the case is crucial as it determines the number of products loaded. Therefore, a single alteration in packaging goods can suddenly reduce shipping rates.

An expert freight forwarder looks for the best practices in packaging to keep the overall transport costs under control. An extremely knowledgeable freight transport service uses the lightest, most handy, most durable and most economical packaging materials. Some freight requires special packaging that gets taken care of by freight forwarders. Most heavy freight shipping services ensure that the packages resist the damage of all sorts and loss from handling, which may happen during the transit. Shippers must make sure that they read the requirements cited by carrier services as each of them defines ‘heavy’ packages differently. They can guarantee that there is no room for damages for their heavy freight during its transportation while on the other end, carrier services reward from improved customer satisfaction.

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