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29 April 2022
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4 Exclusive Benefits of Palletised Freight Transport

Freight transport is a complex, time-consuming task without proper resources to support its safe and smooth implementation. Palletised transport helps break down the tedious process of moving loads. Before discussing palletised freight and the advantages of pallets, let us see what a pallet is. Pallets are flat construction, often made of wood, used for stacking, storing and transporting goods. Goods get securely loaded into pallets for transporting them while providing additional protection during their storage, transit, and delivery on pallets.

Adopted by all kinds of businesses and forms, pallet distribution is vital for transporting heavy and bulky goods. Though pallets play a pivotal role in freight transport, logistics industry and supply chain, we don’t realise their utility. One of the most significant aspects of pallets is that they make shipping stress-free, helping in the orderly stacking of the shipment inside a transport carrier. More importantly, they get securely placed with the help of pallet protection solutions to ensure that goods remain protected throughout the transit journey. Pallets are in different shapes and sizes and enable lifting, loading and unloading using pallet jacks and forklifts depending upon the type of loads.

Besides providing ease of transportation, pallet delivery has several advantages. Let us discuss how palletised freight transport is helping both the logistics industry and its customers.

1. Protects Shipments

Palletised freight transport provides extra safety for goods as pallets have deck boards. Placing loads on deck boards prevent damage due to dust, dirt, and water and ensures that they do not get exposed to any contamination due to other external agents. Pallets provide extra impact resistance regardless of the materials used for their making- be it steel, wood or plastic. Apart from these, goods on pallets are free from loss or theft since the palletised cargo is a single unit and kept together. On the contrary, if they get transported separately, the shipment may get separated during transit and often lead to unpleasant outcomes.

2. Easy to Load/Unload

Freight on pallets favour easiness in loading and unloading goods while storing them in warehouses and during their transportation. As we all know, handling heavy and bulky loads is tedious. However, when goods are on a pallet, it is easy to handle and lift them off the ground with the help of a pallet jack (for light-weight goods) or using a forklift (for heavy and bulky goods). Pallets have deck boards on the bottom and top, and they are made with holes so that lifting becomes much easier using forklifts and other special equipment. In warehouses, moving heavy loads becomes effortless, and during freight transport, both loading and unloading get done effortlessly using pallet jacks or pallet trucks.

3. Reduces Overall Costs

When you rely on palletised transport, it facilitates load movement in bulk quantities that further cuts down the overall freight transport cost. The cost/shipment gets minimised compared to transporting it separately in a carrier. If you intend to reduce the costs while ensuring better and safe transportation, palletised transport provides you with both benefits. When you standardise using palletisation, it saves space and brings ease in transportation and storage of goods. Having a pallet management system in place save you a lot of money since it reduces storage costs. Optimised storage alongside best loading practices makes supply chain and contributes to money savings. Consider customer requirements while choosing the pallet so that a carrier can easily align the delivery as per customer needs and reduce the risk of returns.

4. Improves Operational Efficiency

freight forwarding service requires to carry out many functions at once to maintain supply chain efficiency and cut down cost and time. Palletisation facilitates packing and handling jobs much more efficient. For instance, it allows stacking, storage, and shipment loading together into the truck rather than loading each item separately to save time and money. It lets a carrier service move goods faster and improve operational efficiency while offering savings for customers. Furthermore, it makes way for faster loading and unloading, which keeps the turnaround time in check. Also, as aforementioned, pallets work well with equipment such as pallet jacks and forklifts, facilitating fast and convenient freight movement, thereby eliminating the overdependence on manual labour. Besides, it also mitigates the risks and eliminates accidents during the goods handling process.

Getting the best pallet aims for cost savings and eliminates the extra burden of tasks. Selecting the right freight forwarder is worthwhile to meet the goals of customers. While searching for a provider, check if the carrier can offer service considering business-specific needs. Also, businesses should consider the quality of service and price and if the carrier company can provide pallet delivery at the right time at the location specified.

Pallet Shipping from Ianis Cargo

Avail one of the best-palletised freight transport at ianiscargo.ro for all types of goods. Use any pallets for transporting heavy and bulky goods safely. At Ianis Cargo, we use European standard pallets where the sizes are ISO approved. Once you enter the shipment dimensions, you get the most suitable pallets for your transportation needs. We use wooden pallets that are 100 per cent recyclable, light-weight, and sourced from sustainably managed forests. We also provide oversized pallet delivery for packages of all sizes and shapes while ensuring that they take less space and facilitate easy handling to reduce the costs associated with transporting. Get all freight transport services such as express transport, full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) solutions from Ianis Cargo! Enjoy instant price quotes, real-time tracking, electronic proof of delivery, and 24/7 customer support to keep your shipping hassle-free starting from origin to destination! Also, avail of eCommerce delivery solutions, efulfilment and storage services aimed at B2B and B2C companies.

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