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21 July 2022
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5 Ways Freight Transport Becomes Cheaper Than Parcel Delivery

The world of freight transport is changing, and it’s becoming more affordable than parcel delivery. There are many factors at play here, including the cost of fuel and the rise of ecommerce. However, there are also ways that you can use technology to save money on your freight transport operations. Here are five ways that moving freight becomes cheaper than parcel delivery.

1. You don’t need to worry about oversized packages

Perhaps the most surprising thing about freight transport is that it’s often cheaper than parcel delivery. Cargo transport is usually based on weight and volume, so you don’t need to worry about oversized packages or paying extra for “fragile” labels. You can also expect a lower price tag if you’re shipping across international borders, as long as all of your goods are in one shipment (unlike parcel delivery).

If you’re looking for speed, then cargo transport may be the best option for your business. While parcel delivery can take days or even weeks between countries and continents—especially during peak holiday seasons—cargo transports goods faster because it doesn’t have to deal with customs delays or traffic jams like postal services do. Plus since cargo transports are typically shipped long distances by truck or train instead of being carried by airmail planes like parcels tend to be, there’s less chance that they’ll be held up somewhere before reaching their final destination!

2. You’ll make savings by keeping your warehouse in the same location

  • You’ll make savings by keeping your warehouse in the same location.
  • If you’re going to be paying for new storage space, it’s only natural that you’d want to get as much use out of this as possible. The more products you can fit into a single space, the fewer places you need to buy and maintain. This means that keeping everything at your current facility will save on both labor and real estate costs.
  • You can take advantage of economies of scale.
  • It’s good business sense to purchase items in bulk when possible (and not just because it saves money). When purchasing multiple items at once, you have more leverage when negotiating prices with vendors—which means cheaper deals overall! An added bonus: if an employee breaks or loses something while working on site they don’t have to worry about replacing it right away since there are still plenty others available nearby instead.”

3. Shipment volumes are higher when transporting freight

The most significant factor that influences the cost of shipping is volume. The larger the shipment, the more efficient it is to use freight transport over parcel delivery because you will be able to fit more items into a single container. Parcels are also smaller than shipments and thus require more trips to get it delivered, which increases costs even further.

Cargo transport can also be cheaper if you need to move bulky items as opposed to lightweight ones since bulky goods require fewer containers and result in less transportation costs.

4. You’ll benefit from reduced costs with freight transport software

If you’re thinking of moving your business to a new country or state, it’s crucial that you find a cargo transport company that can offer the best rates, carriers and routes for your move. This isn’t something most people are familiar with (or care about), but it has an important impact on your bottom line.

A good cargo transport software will help you save money by doing the following things:

  • Finding the right carrier for your needs
  • Finding carriers who have overnight delivery services so they can get your packages delivered as quickly as possible
  • Finding carriers with different rates based on package size, weight and destination

5. Freight transport is often faster than parcel delivery

It’s true that the speed of cargo transport depends on the type of freight being shipped. For example, if you’re shipping a car or an airplane it’s going to take a little longer than if you’re shipping a small box of books. However, it is still generally faster than parcel delivery because freighters have more power and weight capacity than delivery trucks and vans do.

Despite these differences in scale, however, there are some types of freight which are faster with freight transport than with parcel delivery: things like food products or raw materials for manufacturing; large bulky items such as furniture or appliances; heavy machinery used for farming or construction; vehicles such as motorcycles and scooters; bags full of clothing items etcetera…

Transporting freight can be cheaper than parcel delivery.

Freight transport is often faster than parcel delivery

Freight transport is often cheaper than parcel delivery

Freight transport can be cheaper than parcel delivery

You can have the cargo delivered much faster with cargo transportation. It’s far more efficient to send a truck full of goods from A to B than it is to send individual packages via mail, especially if you need them delivered on a tight schedule. If your business relies on timely deliveries, this could be a deciding factor for using freight transportation over parcel delivery.


So, as you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to transport your cargo with a freight transporter. It’s not just about the price either; transporting freight also has many other benefits. If you want to find out more about our services and how we can help you make savings on your transportation costs, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Ianis Cargo today!

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