2 November 2020

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Wooden Crates in Shipping

Shipping crates are large containers utilised for transporting large and heavy goods. Generally, they are made of wood, plastic or metal such as aluminum of steel, each of […]
2 November 2020

6 Tips on Express Transport for First Time Shippers

Shipping your goods using express transport to places can be bit daunting, nevertheless it need not be always. We have come with a few things to […]
30 October 2020

4 Challenges Shipping Companies Encounter During Goods Transit

All of us have relied on the services of shiping companies at least for once in our lifetime. But do we ever think of the hardships […]
30 October 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Shipping Pallets

Looking for perfect pallet shipping? Discover the ease of pallet shipment with Ianis Cargo the top freight and logistics services in Romania. Regardless if you are a business […]
30 October 2020

Groupage- Is it Worth Trying

Groupage shipping, also known as LCL (less than container load) shipping or shared shipping where small shipments are combined together in a single shipping container for […]
28 October 2020

Same Day Delivery Service: The Challenges and Prospects

Contrary to the popular belief, reaching out to prospective buyers and optimising costs, the two widely known business strategies are not sufficient enough to retain customers. […]
28 October 2020

How to Optimise Last Mile Logistics

The business of goods transit has changed a lot very recently. With a view to meet the growing demands of businesses and customers, cargo and parcel […]
27 October 2020

Package or Pallet Shipping? Which One You Need To Choose

As we all know, package shipping is all about sending small items in one single package. While some parcels are heavy and bulky and required to […]
27 October 2020

Understanding Proof of Delivery and Its Significance in Freight Services

You might have come across the term Proof of Delivery (POD) while receiving parcels. But have you ever tried to understand what it actually means? From […]
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