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2 February 2021
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2 February 2021
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Changing Outlook: Ianis Cargo Cares for Customers and Goods During Times of Pandemic

The world around us has been changing in unprecedented ways with the unexpected visit of novel corona virus ever since the dawn of 2020 affecting all facets of life. Right from the beginning, Ianis Cargo took all measures to provide premium freight movement solutions when Covid-19 disrupted the goods forwarding capabilities.

New Challenges, Exquisite Solutions

Explaining the significance of worry-free transit and delivery of goods during these difficult times, Mădălin Stănilă, the CEO and owner of Ianis Cargo, Romania’s leading logistics solutions provider says, “We are aware of the fact that the supply chain is of utmost importance, especially in this unique situation. This is the reason why Ianis Cargo proposes a series of measures and solutions for the optimal development of transport. We decided, even before declaring a state of emergency, to protect employees: We disinfected at the office, we tried to limit interactions, we established at home, where possible, and we offered protective equipment. We believe that the negative effects will be transmitted, gradually, to other fields of activity, therefore, the measures should be punctual, in order to support those who are most strongly affected.”

And it is being followed since this day without fail because Ianis’ head and his team never want to compromise on hygiene and health checks for its fleet personnel and every workforce based on the standard norms and practices to prevent any negative incidence in this regard and also to check least disruptions in supply chain.

“Our team of specialists, after a detailed study of the legislation imposed by the state of emergency, undertook several measures, among which I can list: systematic disinfection of the entire fleet we have, regular control of drivers both on departure and on arrival, the monitoring of retail goods, especially in the case of perishable products, proof of delivery to the customer in real time in electronic format” says Dragoș Grecu, Operations Manager at Ianis Cargo.

The pandemic stays, and making its presence even more felt with the new variant, but Ianis Cargo is steadfast in serving its customers with a stubborn approach to keep the affliction away from its customers. Because they care for the customers and their goods in the first place! For Ianis team, there is a purpose, a promise to be fulfilled and the Ploiești express cargo transport service is more determined to confront the challenges every day brings.

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