2 February 2021
Changing Outlook: Ianis Cargo Cares for Customers and Goods During Times of Pandemic
2 February 2021
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Ianis Cargo: The Ploiești express transport continues to gain traction despite the pandemic doldrums

Wonder how? It takes me to the Adidas slogan, ‘Impossible is nothing’. When you decide to move on, no matter the hardships, you will go on to make it! This is certainly not an excerpt from a story, but it became true for Ianis Cargo, Romania’s lead logistics service provider’s journey during the pandemic times explains it.

The Covid-19 pandemic tore apart not just the normal way of living, but it also impacted business sectors as well. For shipping and logistics businesses, it witnessed a great change in the merchandises moved through their platform. At Ianis Cargo, the express transport service mainly catered to the automotive sector, car industry in particular, has slowed down considerably during the onset of the pandemic. But once again, Ianis Cargo’s winning streak reminds us that, ‘champions never give up’!

Well begun is half done… Adaptive business tactics in the driver’s seat

Founded by Mădălin Stănilă,  the CEO and executive director, in 2013, Ianis Cargo is growing by leaps and bounds with focus on adaptability apart from offering quality service. He says, “Once the engines of the automotive industry stopped, all second and third tier suppliers had to follow the same trend. Customer demand has plummeted in this context. We had to adapt and move quickly to other areas, such as transport for the online industry or transport of PPE materials.” From a humble beginning, that saw the operations getting revved up with a fleet of three vehicles and eight years later amid the pandemic, Ianis Cargo is riding high in the EU and the UK logistics sector with its own as well as coordinated fleet featuring more than 150 vehicles of all types that offer tailor-made expedite freight solutions for its customers coupled with the use of advanced technology.

As the pandemic is yet to subside, Ianis Cargo’s adaptive business strategy paid well and helped global communities at large. Making themselves available for the movement of inventory/products relating to online, consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries finally resulted in realising benefits for both the clients and the business itself.

“Our team of specialists, after a detailed study of the legislation imposed by the state of emergency, undertook several measures, among which I can list: systematic disinfection of the entire fleet we have, periodic control of drivers both on departure and on arrival, the monitoring of retail goods, especially in the case of perishable products, proof of delivery to the customer in real time in electronic format.” says, Dragoș Grecu, Operations Manager, Ianis Cargo.

Always ahead of the curve!

The success story of Ianis Cargo reinstates the fact that when the odds are against us, there is little time to look back. The express transport service provider in Ploiești has redefined its services to cater to a wide range of active industries that eventually helped the company to stand head and shoulders above its competitors.

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