Pallet Types

Pallets allow transport of goods on a flat structure, by securing them with straps using stretch and shrink wraps. Usually, it can be lifted using either a forklift or pallet jack. Considered a highly efficient and affordable method to handle, transport and storage of goods, it ensures that goods are kept in good condition during transit. Wooden pallets are most common, but depending on the requirement, it can be made of plastic or metal.


At Ianis Cargo, you can send any types of pallets while shipping in Europe. Make use of our pallet shipping service for transporting large, bulky items, heavy furniture and household goods safely. We use European pallets (EUR-pallets/EPAL-pallets/Euro-pallets) which are European standard pallets’ size given by the European Pallet Association. The dimensions are 800x1200mm (31.5 inches x 47.24 inches) and is one among the six approved ISO pallet sizes. When you enter the total dimensions of the shipment, we will provide you with the right pallet transportation service tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Wooden Pallets

Comparatively light weight, we use wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. Further, it is 100 percent recyclable, free from bacterial contamination and are Electro Static Discharge (ESD) safe.

EURO Pallet TypeDimensions (L x W in mm)Dimensions (L x W in inches)
EUR 1 1200x 80047.24 x 31.5 0
EUR 21200 x 100047.24 x 39.37
EUR 31000 x 120039.37 x 47.24
EUR 6 800 x 60031.5 x 23.62

Oversized pallet delivery is also available for packages of any size. You can gain great savings while opting for full truckload solutions for oversized package category while ensuring hassle-free, safe transportation. We guarantee that our pallets take up less space and provide greater convenience for giving utmost consideration in terms of cost and safety factors.